Strona GłównaXX CMW's Astronomical Camp - 20-30.06.2009

XX CMW's Astronomical Camp - 20-30.06.2009

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By kzlocz - Posted on 07 July 2009

In two weeks time next Astronomical Camp will start in Ostrowik Astronomical Observatory (Warsaw University). Main goal is to share our experience about observing and data analyzing techniques with 10 new observers. Five advanced observers will take scientific tuition of the new ones.

During the Camp we will observe active meteor showers: alpha-Cygnids, omicron Draconids, Aqaurids, Capricornids and early Perseids. We hope that this meeting will encourage everybody to continue observations during Perseid's 2009 Campaign (see XXI CMW's Astronomical Camp for details) and in the following months.

Besides observations we will give a glance of Radiant, Corrida and SCS software aimed on reporting and analyzing observations. Everyday there will be a possibility to hear lecture concerning meteor or general astronomy. All participants can give their own speech about observations and theoretical results. Social activities such as volleyball and fire-camp are planned.

Camp is fee-free. Participants have to cover their travel and dinning expenses.